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Top global rank for Penn state plant scientist

Top global rank for Penn state plant scientist

By Blake Jackson

Jonathan Lynch, a distinguished professor at Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, has been celebrated with the prestigious 2024 Plant Science and Agronomy Leader Award by This award places him #34 in the world and #7 in the United States, marking him as a leader in plant science. based its rankings on the examination of records from nearly 3,500 scientists worldwide, using metrics like citations and awards to determine the leaders in the field. Lynch's research, which has significantly advanced understanding of how plants adapt to drought and low soil fertility, has been instrumental in developing new strategies for crop breeding aimed at better water and nutrient acquisition.

Erin Connolly, professor and department head, praised Lynch for his outstanding contributions that extend beyond his research, noting his role in educational initiatives and leadership within the scientific community. Lynch has notably founded the Center for Root and Rhizosphere Biology and has been a driving force behind Penn State’s Plantworks initiative.

In accepting the award, Lynch acknowledged the contributions of his colleagues and the many young scientists he has mentored, specifically highlighting the role of Professor Emerita Kathleen Brown in these efforts.

This recognition not only celebrates Lynch’s research achievements but also his profound impact on education and leadership in the agricultural sciences, contributing significantly to Penn State's reputation as a leader in the field.

Photo Credit: istock-pkujiahe

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