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From farm to lesson - teachers learn Ag

From farm to lesson - teachers learn Ag

By Blake Jackson

Over 30 Pennsylvania teachers recently embarked on a unique learning journey at Penn State University. The Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation's Educator's Ag Institute provided them with a deeper understanding of agriculture and how to integrate it into their classrooms.

The week-long program offered separate tracks for experienced and new educators (Educator's Ag Institute 1.0 & 2.0). Both tracks featured:

  • Gift Bags: Attendees received resources and goodies to use in their classrooms.
  • Continuing Education Credits: Participants earned valuable credits for professional development.
  • Educational Tours: Field trips showcased diverse agricultural practices, from Way's Fruit Farm to Penn State's dairy and poultry operations.
  • Guest Speakers: Experts from the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, Pennsylvania Dairy Princesses, and other organizations shared their knowledge.
  • Interactive Workshops: Sessions covered topics like landscaping, sustainability, and aeroponics, equipping teachers with engaging classroom materials.

Kelly Damore, a fifth-grade teacher, highlighted the program's value: "I gain insights to share with my students and translate them into our curriculum standards."

Beth Keller, a second-grade teacher, finds the program particularly beneficial for her urban students. "This experience offers creative ways to bring the outside world into my classroom."

Local 4-H members played a vital role, showcasing their projects and answering teachers' questions. This interaction fostered communication skills and confidence in the young presenters.

The program culminated in a celebratory dinner where attendees received certificates for their commitment to agricultural education.

This initiative addresses a critical need: ag literacy. By educating the next generation about the origins of their food and the importance of agriculture, these teachers are helping to cultivate a more informed and sustainable future.

Photo Credit: pexels-fauxels

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