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A gift of friendship - APHIS ensures healthy cherry blossoms

A gift of friendship - APHIS ensures healthy cherry blossoms

By Jamie Martin

The arrival of cherry trees from Japan signifies renewed friendship and a commitment to a cherished tradition. However, these trees underwent a significant process before reaching their destination.

A past incident involving pest-infested cherry trees in 1912 led to the Plant Quarantine Act, emphasizing the importance of plant health. Today, the USDA's APHIS safeguards U.S. agriculture through strict import regulations. Even with a usual ban on cherry trees, a special permit allowed the safe import of these symbolic gifts.

Japanese and American officials thoroughly inspected the trees for any signs of pests or diseases.

This meticulousness continues. The trees will spend two years in quarantine at a specialized center to ensure their complete health before being planted. This process not only protects the beloved cherry blossoms but also provides valuable research opportunities.

APHIS's dedication to plant health guarantees healthy cherry blossoms for future generations and highlights the importance of protecting U.S. agriculture from invasive threats.

Photo Credit: pixabay-couleur

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