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AHUG Annual Dinner Celebrates Pennsylvania's Hardwood Industry and Highlights Government Support
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 06/02/2023

The Allegheny Hardwood Utilization Group (AHUG) hosted its annual dinner at The Red Fern in Kersey, bringing together industry leaders and stakeholders to celebrate Pennsylvania's thriving hardwood industry. The event featured a keynote address by Russell Redding, Secretary of Agriculture for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, who reaffirmed the department's commitment to supporting the hardwood sector and recognizing its vital role in the state's economy.

Secretary Russell Redding emphasized the importance of the hardwood industry and highlighted the Department of Agriculture's ongoing efforts to bolster its growth and sustainability. The hardwood sector contributes significantly to Pennsylvania's economy, providing employment opportunities and driving economic development in rural communities.

During his address, Secretary Redding underscored the government's dedication to working hand in hand with industry stakeholders, including organizations like AHUG, to foster a favorable business environment for the hardwood sector. The Department of Agriculture aims to provide support, resources, and initiatives that promote the growth, innovation, and long-term viability of the industry.

The AHUG annual dinner served as a platform for industry professionals and policymakers to exchange ideas, strengthen relationships, and discuss strategies to further enhance the hardwood industry's competitiveness and sustainability. Attendees, including AHUG Board of Director President John Saf and AHUG Executive Director Amy Shields, shared their insights and perspectives on the sector's challenges and opportunities.

For further details on Secretary Redding's address and his insights into the hardwood industry's future, refer to Thursday's edition of the Ridgway Record. The article will provide a comprehensive overview of the dinner and Secretary Redding's vision for driving continued growth and success in Pennsylvania's hardwood sector.

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