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Pennsylvania Corn and Soybeans Yellowing from Too Much Rain
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 08/07/2018

Pennsylvania had a poor week for field activities with an average of 2 days suitable for field work. Temperatures were reported with a high of 85F, a low of 58F and a state average temperature of 74F. There continued to be various amounts of rain throughout the state.

Very humid most of the week with very little sunshine. Corn and soybeans continue to mature; however, they are suffering from too much wetness and turning yellow from wetness.

Peaches continue to be harvested and the rains aren't helping. Early apple varieties are starting to be picked. Diseases and bugs are playing their part in the fruit crops and producers trying to control but the weather we've been having the last 3 weeks have made it very difficult.

Vegetables continue to grow but are also suffering from too much rainfall and not enough sunshine. Sweet corn is being harvested where planted early. Overall conditions made it very difficult to do any field work.

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