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Promising crop development in Pennsylvania

Promising crop development in Pennsylvania

By Blake Jackson

While Pennsylvania farmers faced limited fieldwork opportunities (3.0 days) in the week ending May 19th, 2024, crop development shows promise.

Moisture levels remained favorable, with topsoil and subsoil exceeding 80% categorized as adequate or surplus. This is crucial for healthy crop growth.

  • Barley: Heads are emerging on 89% of barley fields, significantly ahead of the five-year average. However, coloring, which indicates further maturity, is minimal compared to past years.
  • Corn: Planting progress has reached 33%, slightly behind the historical average but higher than last year. Emergence is still in its early stages at 8%.
  • Soybeans: Planting is underway at a steady pace, with 21% of fields planted. This is comparable to the five-year average.
  • Hay: First cutting of alfalfa hay has begun on a small percentage (6%) of fields.
  • Spring Tillage: Land preparation for planting is nearing completion, with 71% of spring tillage activities finished.
  • Winter Wheat: Head development in winter wheat is progressing well, with 34% of fields headed, exceeding the five-year average.
  • Crop Condition: Overall crop health is positive. Most crops, including barley, hay (alfalfa and other), pastures, and winter wheat, are rated predominantly fair to good, with a significant portion in the excellent category.

While fieldwork may have been limited, Pennsylvania farmers appear to be on track for a promising growing season, with crops showing encouraging signs of development and healthy conditions.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-mvburling

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