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Penn State Launches Center for Agricultural Conservation Assistance Training in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 06/08/2023

Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences has partnered with the Pennsylvania State Conservation Commission and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to establish the Center for Agricultural Conservation Assistance Training.

The center, coordinated by Penn State Extension, will provide technical assistance and training to Pennsylvania farmers, landowners, and conservation professionals to implement best practices for soil and water conservation.

Funded by the State Conservation Commission's Agriculture Conservation Assistance Program, the center will focus on helping farmers adopt science-based conservation measures to enhance water quality and soil health. Through partnerships and funding opportunities, the center aims to ensure the sustainability and productivity of agricultural land while protecting natural resources.

The center's activities include training sessions, workshops, and webinars led by extension educators, NRCS, and the State Conservation Commission. It will also develop educational materials, organize certification training workshops, and publish a monthly newsletter called "Ag Conservation Currents" to disseminate information and resources.

Furthermore, the center plans to contribute to the recruitment and training of future conservation professionals by offering undergraduate classes and experiential learning opportunities, with the goal of making Pennsylvania a national hub for careers in land and water conservation.

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