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Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Promotes Agricultural Education for Students
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 05/26/2023

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is prioritizing the education of students when it comes to agriculture. In their annual event, "Farm City Day," students of all ages were given the opportunity to explore various aspects of farming right in the heart of the city. Hosted by the BRIDGE Eco-Village at the former Bishop McDevitt High School campus, the event showcased rabbits, flowers, bees, and provided hands-on experience in a community garden.

Students actively participated in the garden's maintenance, learning essential tasks such as refilling irrigation systems, planting flowers, and tending to vegetables by watering and weeding. Through these activities, they gained knowledge about seed anatomy, proper weeding techniques, and watering schedules.

Garry Gilliam, CEO of the BRIDGE Eco-Village, emphasized the community-wide benefits of teaching children about agriculture. Encouraging local food production enhances nutritional value and contributes positively to the environment. Furthermore, fostering an interest in this critical industry among the younger generation prepares them to fill the expected 75,000 job openings in agriculture over the coming years.

By engaging students in agricultural practices and instilling a passion for farming, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture aims to cultivate a skilled workforce that can sustain and advance the agricultural sector for years to come.

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