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Pennsylvanians Get 5.5 Days for Fieldwork
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 08/13/2019

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Pennsylvania, there were 5.5 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday. Topsoil moisture supplies were 0 percent very short, 15 percent short, 78 percent adequate, and 7 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were 0 percent very short, 7 percent short, 85 percent adequate, and 8 percent surplus.

Pasture conditions ranged from 0 percent very poor, 5 percent poor, 48 percent fair, 42 percent good, and 5 percent excellent.

Reporters are from Extension Service (Ext), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), Conservation District (CD), farmers, commodity specialists, or other knowledgeable individuals.

ADAMS County, Judy Behney: Adams County had another warm week of temperatures. Morning temperatures started high 60's low 70's and sunny. Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons the Gettysburg area received significant rainfall and most other areas of the county did not receive any. Some areas of the county are a lot dryer than other areas and crops are showing signs of lack of moisture. Daytime temperatures were high 80's and low 90's majority of the week with humidity. Corn and soybeans continue to grow. Some areas of the county are showing crop stress due to lack of moisture and most of those areas are critical stages for corn and soybean development which could possibly hurt future yields. Hay continues to be baled with some getting made without rain but others will be for mulch since it rained on it. The county would benefit if we received some rainfall in all areas. Peaches continue to be harvested and earlier varieties of apples are also being harvested. Some fruit has hail damage marks if hail was received earlier in growing season. No report on yields of crops yet for 2019. Vegetables are readily available around the county at farmers markets or Roadside stands at farms. Seems to be a good year for zucchini in the county. These crops also could use some moisture. Overall the producers are busy readying equipment for fall harvest and seeding and doing whatever there is to do around their farming operations.

ADAMS/FRANKLIN counties, Thomas Kerr: Dry week but no effect on crops yet. Peach and apple harvest has been going well. Still seeing variations in yields across the region. Quality is great.

BRADFORD County, Casey Guindon: Significant rainfall in the middle of the week was welcome to some producers. Others found that it made already wet ground impossible to work. Corn and soybeans are growing rapidly. This past weekend provided ideal conditions for many producers to make second and third cutting hay.

BRADFORD/DAUPHIN counties, Liz Bozak: Dry weather has finally arrived in Dauphin and Perry counties. Double crop soybeans are starting to struggle with a lack of rain in areas. Marestail, pokeweed, yellow foxtail, giant foxtail, and crabgrass are in flower. Second generation bean leaf beetle adults are active in some soybean fields. Green cloverworm, grasshoppers, Japanese beetles, and silver spotted skipper larvae have been found in soybean fields. If hot, dry weather resumes for next week, then it will be time to start looking for spider mite flares at the edges of soybean fields. Reports of escaped Palmer amaranth in soybean and corn fields have started for the season. It is worth taking a careful look at soybean fields for any Palmer amaranth or waterhemp poking above the soybean canopy.

CENTRE County, Adriana Murillo-Williams: Centre Co. received 1 inch of rain during the week. Corn is at R3-R4, and soybean at R3-R5. Pests present in soybean fields are aphids, bean leaf beetles, Japanese beetles, grasshoppers, thistle caterpillars, green clover worms, and cucumber beetles. Diseases observed in soybeans are brown spot, frogeye, and downy mildew. Diseases observed in corn are gray leaf spot and northern corn leaf blight.

CENTRE County, Dick A. Decker: Good week for field work. Early week rain was 1 inch.

JUNIATA/SNYDER counties, William C. Sheaffer: Spotty showers early in the week were a blessing. However, there are areas that is in need of rain. Corn and soybeans are looking good. Activities for the week were haymaking, harvesting grain, preparing for fall seeding, and spreading manure.

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