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Trade Between Netherlands and Pennsylvania Support 53,000 Jobs
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 07/10/2018

Economic ties between the Netherlands and Pennsylvania remain strong. Trade and investment between the Netherlands and the Keystone State support an estimated 53,000 jobs. The Netherlands Embassy released the news on the occasion of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte's first official visit with President Donald Trump.

"As the latest figures confirm, the Netherlands and the USA have long-lasting historical and economic ties. In the case of Pennsylvania, the economic impact of the bilateral relations is clearly visible in the number of jobs created or supported by Dutch companies in the chemical, plastics and medical devices industries," said Dolph Hogewoning, consul general of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York.

This spring, a delegation from the embassy traveled to Pennsylvania for discussions about optimizing the longstanding relationship between Pennsylvania and the Netherlands. The shared heritage began in the 17th century when a Dutch ship sailed the Delaware River Valley, and grew stronger in 1614 with the founding of New Netherland, which included areas along the Delaware River and present-day Philadelphia.

At the national level, trade and investment between the Netherlands and the United States support an estimated 825,000 American jobs in 2018. This number represents an increase of more than 10 percent over the last five years.

Through the centuries, the Netherlands and US economic partnership has created jobs, sound investments, and promising opportunities. The Netherlands is a fixture in the top five of the largest foreign investors in the United States, and maintains its place as the No. 1 destination for American investments. The U.S. has a $30 billion trade surplus with the Netherlands, as it exports $59.3 billion to the Netherlands and imports $29 billion from the Netherlands. Top U.S. exporters to the Netherlands include Texas, California, Louisiana, Illinois and Washington.

These new job numbers consist of two parts: direct jobs at Dutch enterprises active in the United States, and jobs supported by the export of goods and services to the Netherlands. Read about the methodology of the new projections and find a breakdown of the job figures for individual US states on the embassy's website,

The Netherlands is a trading nation that continues to blossom from a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and that is rooted in the strong beliefs of security, freedom and justice. For more than 400 years, the Netherlands and the United States have shared a deep bond founded on shared values and history. Our economic ties have created jobs, sound investments, and promising opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic. Simply said, the Netherlands and the U.S. have a partnership that works.

The Netherlands diplomatic network in the U.S. promotes strong bilateral relations between the United States and the Netherlands, especially in the areas of agrifood and horticulture, water management, sustainable urban planning, peace and justice, and creative industries.

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