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Pennsylvania Gets a Mixed Bag of Weather
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 05/15/2018

Pennsylvania had a good week for field activities with an average of 4.5 days suitable for field work. Temperatures were reported with a high of 87F, a low of 34F and a state average temperature of 60F.

The week was a mixed bag in terms of weather with ideal temperatures interrupted by precipitation ranging from gentle showers to violent hailstorms. Conditions varied largely across the state however, with some reports praising ideal field conditions while others complained of endless heavy rainfall, stalling what has already been a late planting season. In response to forecasts predicting continued rain, additional spraying took place in a preemptive effort to combat infections of fire blight and scab which tend to thrive in damp conditions. Slug infestations are also a growing concern.

Where conditions allowed, planting of corn, sweet corn, oats and soybeans took place. Field activities for the week included planting, spraying and chopping forage.

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