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PA wine and grape industry - $1.77B boost to economy
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 03/01/2024

Pennsylvania's thriving wine and grape industry boasts a significant economic impact, contributing $1.77 billion annually and supporting over 10,000 jobs. Ranking 4th in national wine production, the industry has experienced steady growth, prompting Governor Shapiro's administration to prioritize its continued success within the broader agricultural sector.

Shapiro's proposed 2024-25 budget reflects this commitment, allocating funds towards various initiatives designed to bolster research, development, and sustainability practices within the wine and grape industry, while ensuring the long-term health of Pennsylvania's agriculture.

Key highlights of the budget allocation include:

• $10.3 million: earmarked for fostering innovation and attracting new agricultural businesses, focusing on areas like energy, conservation, and propelling Pennsylvania to the forefront of American agricultural advancements.

• $145,000: designated for a pioneering pest detection program utilizing dogs, offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pest control methods.

• $2.18 million: dedicated to agricultural research, empowering the industry to embrace cutting-edge technologies and remain competitive by tackling challenges like emerging diseases, pests, and the ever-evolving climate.

• $8 million: allocated to the Agriculture Conservation Assistance Program, ensuring the protection of vital soil and water resources, crucial for sustaining future agricultural endeavors.

• $2.9 million: designated for trademark licensing of "PA Preferred," Pennsylvania's official brand for locally grown agricultural products, aiming to bolster consumer confidence in the quality and integrity of locally sourced food.

• $13 million: committed to funding the historic PA Farm Bill, encompassing various grants and initiatives designed to cultivate the future agricultural workforce, promote the sale.

Pennsylvania-grown and produced goods, expand market opportunities, and implement resource conservation measures.

Through these strategic investments, the Shapiro administration strives to solidify Pennsylvania's position as a leader in the wine and grape industry while fostering the overall sustainability and continued growth of the state's agricultural sector.

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