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Rural roads safety week promotes awareness in Pennsylvania

Rural roads safety week promotes awareness in Pennsylvania

By Blake Jackson

Spring planting is underway in Pennsylvania, and with farmers back on the roads with large equipment, the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau (PFB) urges motorists to be cautious. This coincides with Rural Roads Safety Week (April 14-20), a campaign to raise awareness about safety on rural roads.

"Safety is a two-way street," says PFB President Chris Hoffman. Farmers prioritize motorist safety but ask for patience and a safe distance when following farm equipment. "Slowing down and using common sense can prevent costly crashes," he adds.

Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding highlights the importance of rural roads in connecting farms to consumers. He encourages drivers to be alert, patient, and share the road with farm vehicles.

The need for caution is underscored by statistics. In 2023, there were 83 crashes involving farm equipment on Pennsylvania roads, resulting in fatalities and serious injuries.

"Safety on our roads is everyone's responsibility," says PennDOT Executive Deputy Secretary Larry Shifflet. He advises drivers to slow down near farm equipment, avoid distractions, and buckle up.

With over 52,000 farms in Pennsylvania, farm machinery is a common sight on rural roads during spring. Pennsylvania State Police encourage drivers to focus on the road and be aware of farm equipment. They advise against driving impaired or distracted, and to always slow down and buckle up.

Farm equipment can legally operate on roads, including at night, with specific safety measures depending on size. Slow-moving vehicles must display an orange triangle with a red outline. Seeing this emblem signals an immediate need to slow down.

Drivers should also be aware of farm equipment potentially turning unexpectedly or making wide left turns. It's crucial to ensure a clear view before passing large equipment and to never pass in no-passing zones or near intersections.

PFB partnered with various government departments and Senator Wayne Langerholc Jr. for a Rural Roads Safety Week event. County Farm Bureaus are also hosting local safe driving events throughout Pennsylvania.

Photo Credit: pa-farm-bureau

Pennsylvania farm bureau urges caution on rural roads Pennsylvania farm bureau urges caution on rural roads
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