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PA Senate passes farm delivery and veteran support bill

PA Senate passes farm delivery and veteran support bill

By Blake Jackson

The Pennsylvania Senate has passed legislation sponsored by Sen. Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35), aimed at supporting farmers, veterans, and sportsmen across the state.

The bill, Senate Bill 916, enables farmers to directly deliver their products to homes using registered farm vehicles, overturning a previous restriction that mandated the use of commercial vehicles for such deliveries.

This change alleviates a significant burden on Pennsylvania farmers, eliminating the need for them to maintain costly commercial vehicles solely for home deliveries.

The legislation mandates that PennDOT issue military registration plates to veterans at no charge, simplifying the process and honoring their service. Furthermore, it introduces a new license plate, the Pennsylvania Sportsman plate, designed to celebrate hunters and fishermen.

This specialized plate will be available for $40 plus registration fees, with a portion of the proceeds, $14 per plate, earmarked for a Youth Hunting and Fishing Restricted Account.

The funds will support youth-focused activities endorsed by both the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, aiming to foster participation in outdoor sports among young Pennsylvanians.

“Assisting our farmers with delivery is an issue presented to me during a local legislative Farm Bureau tour several years ago. It is a priority for the Farm Bureau, who I worked alongside with to make this a reality,” Langerholc said. “I’m proud to sponsor this legislation that removes unnecessary barriers for our veterans and farmers while promoting the rich outdoor heritage of our Commonwealth.”

The bill now awaits the governor's signature to become law, marking a significant step towards enhancing opportunities for farmers, veterans, and outdoor enthusiasts in Pennsylvania.

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