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Shapiro administration hosts PA students for ag exploration

Shapiro administration hosts PA students for ag exploration

By Blake Jackson

The Shapiro Administration hosted 1,300 Pennsylvania elementary students for a hands-on exploration of agriculture careers at the Farm Show Complex. This event was part of Farm City Day, which aims to connect students with potential future careers in agriculture.

Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding joined the students, who learned about various agricultural fields, including dairy farming, beekeeping, and sustainable forestry. The event highlighted the importance of science and technology in modern agriculture.

"We saw students excited to see where their food comes from," said Secretary Redding. The Shapiro Administration is committed to preparing students for future careers in agriculture, a field offering many opportunities.

Farm City Day is part of national Remake Learning Days and is the first of many events across Pennsylvania to expose students to careers in agriculture. This field is crucial to the state's economy, and there is a projected need for 75,000 new jobs in the next decade.

The event included interactions with farm animals and demonstrations by farmers. Students learned how farmers use innovative techniques to raise healthy food.

Governor Josh Shapiro's recent budget investments aim to support future agricultural careers. This includes funding for Farm to School Grants and agricultural apprenticeships.

Pennsylvania is a national leader in attracting young people to agriculture. The state also invests in K-12 education to ensure all students succeed.

The Shapiro Administration remains dedicated to creating economic opportunities and supporting Pennsylvania's legacy as a leader in agriculture.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-lisegagne

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