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PA tests cows to limit dairy flu outbreak

PA tests cows to limit dairy flu outbreak

By Blake Jackson

Starting April 29th, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will require all lactating dairy cattle to test negative for influenza A before interstate shipment. This move comes amid concerns about the spread of the virus, believed to have jumped from wild birds to dairy cows in several states.

The testing requirement applies to cows leaving Pennsylvania for other states. Luckily, Pennsylvania has several National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) labs where the testing can be conducted. These include the state veterinary lab, Penn State's Animal Diagnostic Laboratory, and the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center.

The USDA emphasizes this is a multi-pronged approach. In addition to testing, they will gather information on animal movements within infected herds. This will help track the spread of the disease. Labs and state veterinarians must also report positive tests to the USDA for further analysis.

While at least 22 states, including Pennsylvania, already had restrictions in place, this federal order creates a standardized approach nationwide. As of April 24th, the USDA confirmed cases of influenza A on dairy farms in eight states, with Pennsylvania's status unreported in this article.

The good news is the CDC maintains a low risk assessment for the general public. While farm workers have an elevated risk, the disease appears mild in cows, with most recovering with minimal to no mortality.

The USDA and FDA assure consumers that the milk supply remains safe. Pasteurization effectively inactivates viruses, and milk from sick cows is not allowed into the commercial market.

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