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Fayette and Westmoreland Pull to Victory at 103rd Farm Show
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 01/10/2019

The competition was neck and neck during the Horse Pulling Contest at the 103rd Pennsylvania Farm Show.

The competition was divided into two weight divisions: lightweight and heavyweight. In the lightweight division, the horses as a team weighed up to 3,425 pounds, and heavyweight teams weighed more than 3,425 pounds.

Each team had three attempts to successfully pull a weighted sled to a "full pull" of 13 feet, 6 inches. If they did not make a full pull, their longest distance determined their placement. Cinder blocks weighing 1,200 pounds were added to the sled each round to increase the weight. Teams were also required to remain within the lane, which is marked by chalk lines on the ground.

The lightweight division team of horses, Tony and Rex, exhibited by Sproat and Howard, Dawson and Acme, Fayette Co. made a winning pull of 8,450 pounds.

The heavyweight division team of horses, Charlie and Chip, exhibited by The Brown Brothers made a winning pull of 10,250 pounds.

The winner of each division was awarded $500 and a plaque. An Outstanding Teamster Award was presented to Bobby Howard in the lightweight class and Casey Harriman in the heavyweight in memory of Peter C. Buhler and Jack Buhler, given to a horseman who the judge believes displayed exceptional skill as a driver and good sportsmanship.

Results from the Horse Pulling Contest are as follows:

Lightweight Division --

1st Place -- Sproat and Howard and their team from Dawson and Acme, Fayette County

2nd Place -- Bobby Howard and his team from Acme, Fayette County

3rd Place -- Tom and Kelly Bowman and their team from Orangeville, Columbia County

4th Place -- Stackhouse Timber Harvesting and their team from Unityville, Lycoming County

5th Place -- Sonny Brown and his team from Corry, Crawford County

6th Place -- Ray Long and his team from Sidman, Cambria County

7th Place -- Dale Stackhouse and his team from Lycoming, Lycoming County

Heavyweight Division --

1st Place -- Brown Brothers and their team from Acme, Westmoreland County

2nd Place -- Bobby Howard and his team from Acme, Fayette County

3rd Place -- Scott Brown and his team from Acme, Westmoreland County

4th Place -- Mike Buhler and his team from Ridgway, Elk County

5th Place -- John Popp and his team from Beaver, Beaver County

6th Place -- Mike Buhler and his second team from Ridgway, Elk County

7th Place -- Jeff Martin and his team from Punxsutawney, Jefferson County

8th Place -- Casey Herriman and his team from Muncy Valley, Sullivan County

9th Place -- Chuck Nutwell and his team from Needmore, Fulton County

10th Place -- Brandon Porter and his team from Butler, Butler County

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