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Promoting Dairy Farm Safety: Free Signs and Educational Videos Available to Pennsylvania Producers
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 05/24/2023

The Center for Dairy Excellence and the Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania (PDMP) have launched an initiative to enhance farm safety on dairy farms by providing free sets of farm safety signs and educational videos to Pennsylvania producers. This timely offering aims to ensure the well-being of farm teams during the busy spring season and throughout the year.

Producers can request a set of six different farm safety signs, including a new addition focusing on biosecurity. Each sign features both English and Spanish instructions, enabling effective communication with all farm employees. The signs, available at no cost while supplies last, serve as valuable reminders of essential safety precautions and protocols within dairy facilities.

To complement the safety signs, the "Seconds for Your Safety" video series offers concise safety reminders in easily accessible 60-second videos. These videos are available in English and Spanish and cover topics such as staying safe around gasses, electrical hazards, tractor and truck rollovers, fall prevention measures, youth on the farm, and safety hazards and precautions for horizontal silos. Producers can watch and share the videos effortlessly on computers or cell phones. Additionally, a new video titled "Staying Safe Around Gasses" has been released.

Diane Hartman of Scattered Acres Farm expressed the value of these resources, stating, "The 'Seconds for Your Safety' videos are being watched by myself and others on our farm. Farmers need to become safer in everything that we do. Hopefully, these videos will help us."

To request the farm safety signs or access the educational videos, producers can visit the Center for Dairy Excellence website at or contact the organization directly at 717-346-0849. Producers without internet access can request assistance by emailing Emily Barge at or calling 717-346-0849.

By equipping dairy producers with visual reminders and educational resources, the Center for Dairy Excellence and PDMP are actively promoting a culture of safety on Pennsylvania dairy farms. These initiatives empower farm teams to prioritize safety and implement necessary precautions, ultimately fostering a secure and productive working environment.

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