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The average age of American farmers is steadily increasing
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 12/01/2023

The average age of American farmers is steadily increasing, with over a third of farmers now over 65. This aging population raises concerns about the future of the agricultural industry, particularly in Pennsylvania, where agriculture is a vital economic driver.

With over 52,000 farms spanning 7.3 million acres, Pennsylvania's agriculture generates $81.5 billion annually and supports one in ten jobs in the state. Pennsylvania is a leading producer of mushrooms, milk, apples, eggs, and pumpkins, and its hardwood sector is the top exporter of hardwood lumber in the U.S.

To address the aging farming population and ensure the sustainability of Pennsylvania's agriculture, Penn State Extension is providing a range of education and resources to support new and beginning farmers. These programs cover financing, business operations, marketing, production techniques, and other essential topics.

Extension experts emphasize the importance of nurturing the next generation of farmers to maintain Pennsylvania's agricultural productivity and economic strength. By providing comprehensive support and fostering a welcoming environment for new farmers, Pennsylvania can secure a thriving agricultural future.

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