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Humidity Stifles Pennsylvania Wheat Harvest
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 07/09/2019

Pennsylvania had a good week for field activities with an average of 4.5 days suitable for field work. State temperatures last week were reported with a low of 55.3F, a high of 91.6F, and an average temperature of 74.1F.

Warm weather created favorable conditions for crop progress. High humidity in some areas stifled wheat harvesting progress.

Corn and soybean planting is just about finished and they both seem to be doing very well in the hot weather.

Reports of poor herbicide effectiveness have surfaced due to rain showers and humid weather.

Apples and peaches continue to show signs of excellent condition in many areas. Field activities included haymaking, tillage, spraying, planting and harvesting.

Reporters are from Extension Service (Ext), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), Conservation District (CD), farmers, commodity specialists, or other knowledgeable individuals.

ADAMS County, Judy A. Behney: Adams County started morning temperatures 62 beginning of week and into mid 80's and sunny. Tuesday the humidity increased and still around 90 degrees. Thursday sporadic thunderstorms rolled through parts of the county. Various amounts of rainfall received. Biglerville/Bendersville areas had 3 inches and Gettysburg some areas an inch but just down the road a little very little rain. York Springs about an inch south of Rt 94 but north of Rt 94 very little. The county was getting dry conditions but now the one's that got around an inch those crops in those areas will benefit from the rain. Lots of runoff where 3 inches dumped in short period of time. Corn and soybeans that are planted continue to grow and the sun and heat this past week has done wonders for corn and soybeans. Topdressing of corn happening and not much prevented from planting as a dryer spell in June allowed for most corn to get planted. Barley has been harvested with ok yields and wheat harvest is happening now with decent crop where producers left for grain. Some producers destroyed wheat as it was very spotty and yields were very low as the wheat drowned out last fall. Straw and wheat are in high demand so producers taking what they have in good fields and getting it harvested. Oats is coming along but some stands are also spotty. A lot of Hay has been made the past 2 weeks and producers were just gambling whether they should mow or how much to mow but not a lot of rainfall during that period so it's been baled. Double cropping is occurring for wheat and barley harvested. Fruit crops appear to be doing good for now. Earlier disease will affect yields but not know to what extent. Vegetables are readily available at farmers markets or roadside stands. Producers are very busy doing various field work depending on weather conditions. Producers are reminded to report their acreages to their FSA offices by July 15th deadline to avoid paying a late file fee. New Oxford got pounded with 3-4 inches of rain on Friday night and other areas got sporadic amounts that varied from an inch where other areas only half inch within the same area. Saturday was hot and humid and evening got more rainfall in the county with York Springs receiving an inch of rain. Sunday was hot and humid and evening again produced rainfall with York Springs getting 2.5 inches and majority of the county had flooding issues. So we are definitely wet now and has halted any type of field work for this week. Some early corn planted I saw is in tassel now. Folks were topdressing corn yet on Saturday and baling hay but will not get in fields now for a while.

8ADAMS/FRANKLIN counties, Thomas Kerr: Hot weather good for corn and beans. Tart cherry harvest nearly finished, coming out short. Began peach harvest still looking like a good crop. Showers and humid weather keeping growers busy with spray for diseases.

Bradford County, Casey Guindon: Field activities progressed rapidly this week, though progress is still far behind average. Tillage, corn and soybean planting, and haymaking were all common practices this week. Corn replants have been common this summer as wet weather early in the season drowned plantings on less-than-ideal ground.

CENTRE County, Dick A. Decker: Good week for field work and growing degree days. 3/4 inch of rainfall.

COLUMBIA County, John O Yocum: Hot weather increased corn and soybean growth, but humidity did not allow wheat to dry down thus little.

JUNIATA/SNYDER counties, William C. Sheaffer: A good week for growing conditions, sunshine and heat units. A few corn fields are showing signs of poor herbicide effectiveness. The main activities for the week were planting, harvesting and spraying.

LACKAWANNA County, Eric Johnson: Warm, dry weather has been a welcome sight for those needing to harvest first cut, dry hay. Second cut alfalfa is coming on strong and corn planting season has finally wrapped up.

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