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Pennsylvania Corn, Soybeans Face Poor Field Conditions
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 06/18/2019

Pennsylvania had a good week for field activities with an average of 4.5 days suitable for fieldwork. Pennsylvania experienced rainy weather towards the end of the week and cool nighttime temperatures.

Corn and soybeans saw good growth, but were held back by poor field conditions.

Apples and peaches continued to see reports of either good or excellent conditions.

Hay experienced steady growth, although rains have resulted in some lodging.

Field activities included corn and soybean planting, cutting hay, and barley harvesting.

Reporters are from Extension Service (Ext), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), Conservation District (CD), farmers, commodity specialists, or other knowledgeable individuals.

ADAMS County, Judy A. Behney: Adams County started the week 60 degrees morning and cloudy but not much rain during day and 70 degrees but overnight 0.75" of rain York Springs, 0.5 Gettysburg, 0.3 other areas of county so various amounts. Tuesday was 60's morning cloudy 60 but then sunny 70's and breezy. Wednesday was 60 morning and sunny and into mid 70's with steady rain overnight 0.75" York Springs area and 1.5" New Oxford. Thursday 60 morning rainy until after lunch then 66 and some sunshine then a late afternoon thunderstorm and some rain 0.5 York Springs. Today is 60 morning temperature and sunny but cooler. So we are still plenty wet to be able to do field work. Corn and soybeans that were planted previously are emerging as the rain and sun came this week. Some producers were topdressing before the rains for early planted corn. Corn and soybean planting this week was halted due to field conditions from various rains. Some hay got made but very little timeframe to get it done. Hay continues to grow and some of the rains have caused hay to lodge. Wheat and barley continue to mature with coloring occurring. Some barley may be chopped next week for forage. Fruit crops are looking pretty good however there was some hail in the county the past few weeks and crop insurance agents are having adjusters look at damage for their clients who contacted them. Not known yet how it will affect the crops. Diseases are still trying to be controlled by spraying and with the rain this week producers are working with Penn State Fruit Labs recommendations. Vegetables continue to grow and some early ones will be appearing at the local fruit markets and farmers markets in the communities. Strawberries are being harvested. Producers are busy doing whatever they can when conditions permit in the fields. We need several days of sunshine so the hay can be mowed, dried and baled.

ADAMS/FRANKLIN counties, Thomas Kerr: Apples are going through "June Drop" and some varies have shown a tendency or be thinner than normal, but overall crop looks good at this time. Peaches will be a good crop but a small area was hit with hail several weeks ago. Expect some early varieties ripening in about two weeks.

BRADFORD County, Casey Guindon: Field work progressed rapidly until a rainy weekend. Some dry hay was baled, and corn and soybean planting proceeded rapidly.

CAMERON, ELK, MCKEAN, POTTER counties, Nicole S. Carutis: Another wet week, a lot of hay was made last weekend, haylage, baleage, and dry hay. Corn is emerging but lacks good color it needs heat.

CENTRE County, Adriana Murillo-Williams: Centre Co. has received about 1.5 to 2 inches of rain this week. Soybeans are at V2-V3 and maize at V3- V5. Pests and diseases observed in soybeans include bean leaf beetles, thrips, silver spotted skippers and early signs of downy mildew.

CENTRE County, Dick A. Decker: The rains continue. 1.5 inches for the week. Field work difficult to complete.

COLUMBIA County, John O Yocum: Cool nights slowed plant growth.

JUNIATA/SNYDER counties, William C. Sheaffer: Crops are doing fine; except, in the poorly drained areas. Wheat and Barley crops are looking good. Main field activities for the week were planting, harvesting and spraying.

LANCASTER County, Jeff Graybill{ Showers were more spotting in the county last week. Barley harvest has started, with wheat starting to turn color. Finishing up tobacco and hemp with some late corn as well. Despite with wet weather crops are looking quite good.

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