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Asian longhorned ticks found in PA
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 12/06/2023

Asian Longhorned ticks are an invasive species that were first found in the United States in 2017. They have been found in multiple states, including Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is monitoring the Asian Longhorned tick populations in the state. They have found ticks in 24 counties, including Lancaster, York, Dauphin, and Franklin Counties.

The DEP is testing all nymph and adult stages of the ticks for the presence of human pathogens. So far, they have found no evidence that these ticks can transmit pathogens to people. However, they have found pathogens in the ticks that can cause Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, and Babesiosis.

Researchers have found that Asian Longhorned ticks are less attracted to human skin than native ticks. However, the CDC recommends that people use EPA-approved insect repellant and follow the recommended guidelines against Asian Longhorned ticks.

Asian Longhorned ticks reproduce asexually and congregate in large numbers. They seem to prefer grassland and pastures. They can cause anemia in livestock and have been linked to Theileria infections in cattle.

The Department of Agriculture recommends checking pets and livestock for ticks regularly and consulting with your veterinarian for preventative treatment.

The Pennsylvania Farm Show will take place in 2024. The Department of Agriculture has multiple measures in place to prevent the spread of Asian Longhorned ticks during the Farm Show. Every animal will be checked in, whether they are in a competitive or non-competitive exhibit. Additionally, each animal will be required to have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, proving that they have been examined by a veterinarian and do not have any signs of contagious diseases or skin conditions.

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