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Wet Conditions Hamper Pennsylvania Planting Progress
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 05/14/2019

Pennsylvania had a fair week for field activities with an average of 4.0 days suitable for field work. Another week with wet weather has continued to hamper progress.

Vegetable crops are being planted outdoors. Fruit crops are doing alright although rainy conditions have made chemical application difficult.

Manure spreading, tillage, and hay seeding occurred in earnest. Soil conditions allowed for some corn planting to take place this week.

Reporters are from Extension Service (Ext), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), Conservation District (CD), farmers, commodity specialists, or other knowledgeable individuals.

ADAMS County, Judy A. Behney -- Adams County started the week out with morning temperatures 50s and sunny and into the 80's afternoon. Wednesday was 50's morning and 70's as cloudy then some sun afternoon. Thursday was 50 morning drizzle and then some rain showers throughout the day and 70's daytime and some sun towards evening. Friday started 64 degrees and some rain. Thunderstorms are to roll in this afternoon. Producers are busy trying to get corn and soybeans planted when soil conditions are present. Has been challenging already this year as it dries off then we get 2-3 inches of rainfall to already saturated soils. Wheat and barley continue to get height. Some forage crops were harvested later this week. Hay continues to grow and will soon need made. Need to have drier and sunnier conditions to be able to make any with good quality. Some producers are low on feed since last summer was a challenge also in getting hay made and a lot went unmade which caused shortage of feed for producers. Fruit crops seem to be doing ok but growers are following recommendations of Penn State Fruit Lab with applying chemicals at the right time to hopefully prevent Fire Blight, Apple Scab and Bitter Rot due to the rainy conditions which make them more apparent. Vegetable crops have and are being planted outdoors. Some producers are on their second plantings of some of their crops as they want to be able to continue producing vegetables through the summer months for farmers markets etc. Producers are trying to do what they can in their fields when conditions permit. They are ready to get their crops planted as some of their forage crops will soon be ready to be harvested as they continue to plant at same time. We need to have several days/weeks of some sunshine to help the process in getting crops planted for 2019 crop year. Another weekend and another 2 plus inches of rainfall here in Adams County. Some fields of hay, small grains and forage crops are lodged due to rainy and windy conditions.

BRADFORD County, Casey Guindon -- Warm and sunny weather last week lead to a flurry of field activities. Manure spreading, tillage, and hay seeding occurred in earnest. Soil conditions finally allowed for some corn planting to take place this week. A wet Sunday will slow activities as we head into this week.

CAMERON/ELK/MCKEAN County, Nicole S. Carutis -- Four good days to do field work, progress being made. Pastures finally started getting ahead of grazing needs.

CENTRE County, Dick A. Decker Field work continued between showers and light rain events. Corn and soybean planting well under way. 2" rainfall in the gauge for the week.

COLUMBIA County, John O Yocum -- Wet soils still limiting planting in some fields.

JUNIATA/SNYDER Counties, William C. Sheaffer -- Another week of heavy rainfall. There has been some corn and soybeans planted in the upland soils that are well drained. Activities for the week spraying herbicides and insecticides, planting and manure spreading.

LACKAWANNA County, Eric Johnson -- Wet weather has continued to hamper any progress towards spring planting. Hay and alfalfa are growing well with adequate moisture. Apples are in full bloom and, assuming there is no frost in the next week, we could be looking at a bumper crop in Lackawanna County.

UNION County, James C. Brubaker -- Some corn planted, but more rain over the weekend.

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