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Pennsylvania Ranks Second Nationally in Trout Value of Sales
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 02/26/2021

The total value of fish sales received by trout growers in Pennsylvania totaled 6.04 million dollars for 2020, a decrease of 6% from 2019. Pennsylvania accounted for 6% of the total value of fish sold in the United States, ranking Pennsylvania second nationally behind North Carolina, according to King Whetstone, regional director of USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service, Northeastern Regional Office.

The number of trout 12 inches and longer sold during 2020 totaled 960 thousand fish, down 12% from the previous year. The average price per pound was $4.57, up 17 cents from 2019. The value of sales for the 2020 marketing year was 5.03 million dollars, down 5% from 2019.

Trout distributed for restoration, conservation, enhancement, or recreational purposes, primarily by State and Federal hatcheries, included 1.00 million 12" or longer fish, 4.45 million 6"- 12" fish, and 2.17 million 1"- 6" fish. The estimated value of fish distributed totaled 14.1 million dollars, down 3% from 2019.

Total losses of all trout intended for sale were 388 thousand fish during 2020.

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