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Soybean Industry Applauds Biotech Executive Order
USAgNet - 06/13/2019

The American Soybean Association is applauding President Trump and various federal agencies for their work to improve the regulatory process for biotechnology by ensuring decisions are transparent, timely and based firmly on sound science, and evaluation of risk.

President Trump signed the Modernizing the Regulatory Framework for Agricultural Biotechnology Products Executive Order.

Kentucky soy grower and ASA President Davie Stephens said, "Soybean farmers appreciate the steps toward a more consistent, coordinated approach to the biotech regulatory system domestically and abroad."

By promoting agricultural innovation and confidence in new technologies, farmers, small agribusinesses, researchers, and others have the opportunity to pursue advanced ways to grow our food, fight plant pests and disease, reduce reliance on fertilizers and other resources, and respond to consumer demands to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment, in keeping with farming's ongoing good stewardship efforts.

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